Testimonies – 11

Eczema healed

— Felix Jerrin , Dorset

Cured from 9 years of severe Eczema during the Adoration of Blessed Sacrament at the Second Saturday Convention. Even the scars of Eczema miraculously disappeared overnight. Praise you Jesus.

Allergy healed

–Gigi Sheby, Northampton

Allergy on face has been completely healed through a telephone prayer Ministry by Sehion Team. The worsening condition of growing Edema stopped soon after the prayer by Fr. Saju Elanjiyil over the phone and completely healed in a week .

Eye Sight Restored

–Sonia Antony

Right eye sight has been restored as normal during the Adoration of Blessed sacrament at the Second Saturday Convention . Thank you Jesus for this amazing healing as I got back whole eyesight since the very next day.

Deepened in faith

— Samson De Souza , Swindon

Deepened in faith and restored in life through spiritual sharing & confession at the Second Saturday Convention. Entered into a blessed married life. All glory to Lord Jesus Christ.

Visa problems sorted

–Annu Joseph , Cumbran

Hurdles in obtaining the sponsorship license and long waited visa extension has been prevailed over, soon after I promised a testimony and by prayerfully watching Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil’s telecast ministry Abhishekagni. Praise Jesus.

Passed IELTS after 22 attempts

— Ambily Shaji, Maidstone

I went through a lot of hardships in obtaining a proper sponsorship during my student visa period. I had 22 failed attempts in IELTS exam . Before attending the next exam I promised my testimony at the Second Saturday convention and prayed for a divine intervention. I passed and obtained a new sponsorship in time. Praise you Jesus

Free from pain

— Shiny Sibi, Bristol

For the last three years I have had severe pain on my neck and hands due to problems associated with spine discs. During the Adoration of the blessed sacrament at the Second Saturday convention in November 2016, my healing was announced and reconfirmed at the laying on of hands ministry. Since that day I am free from pain. All glory to Jesus

Hearing regained

–Erwin Wilfred, London

I had only partial hearing on my left year for the past two years , resulted from an ear infection. It was very difficult to hear and understand when people talked to me. While attending the teens session ,at the Second Saturday Convention my healing was announced . Since that day I regained full hearing and I am perfectly hearing now. Praise you my divine healer.

Abscess disappeared instantly

–Mini Biju, Worcester

Abscess from diabetes was troubling me a lot for an year. I underwent many treatment procedures but none helped. I have been watching the online streaming of Second Saturday convention in September 2016. During the praise and worship, I cried out for a healing touch. The Lord gave me an instant healing by taking away the abscess at once. An amazing instant miracle. May the name of Jesus be glorified.

Curved spine normalised

–Mrs Antoneta Pereira, Swindon

For the last year, I have had severe back pain from a curved spine. I tried various treatments but nothing helped. During the healing service in front of the Blessed Sacrament at the Second Saturday Convention in June 2016, Fr Soji Olikkal announced that the Lord was healing a woman who had been suffering for more than one year from back pain. Since then I have had no back pain at all. More importantly, various tests done by doctors show that my previously curved spine is now a normal spine. Praise the Lord for this wonderful miracle in my life.

Got a job after ten years

–Rincy Scaria, Bristol

For the last ten years I had been trying to find a suitable job after passing the Bio Medical Scientist exam and registration for practice. During the Second Saturday Convention I heard testimonies of people in a similar situation and how the Lord had miraculously intervened. With deep faith I prayed and promised my testimony if I got a job. Within a few days I was given a very suitable job. All glory to God.

Bleeding Condition healed

— Ann Mary Varghese, Market Drayton

Over three years of bleeding condition has been completely healed at the Second Saturday Convention. During the prayer ministry at the Second Saturday Convention in August 2016, inspired by the Holy Spirit, Fr Soji Olikkal announced my healing. Thank you Lord Jesus for your healing touch.

Felt Christ’s Love

— Christopher Langdown, Sutton Coldfield

I really felt Christ’s love very strongly at the Second Saturday Convention, especially during Holy Mass. His love made me shed tears of joy for his presence in my heart in a very special way. Praise be to God.