Testimonies – 04


Shaly Joseph , Liverpool ( Son’s new born cataract healed without Operation )

Praise the Lord.  Doctors said our 8 week old son had no signs  of Red refluxes on his right eye  and possibility of new born cataract and suggested  operation as the only option.  We were so worried about our little child and intensively prayed for Lord’s healing touch.  We promised our testimony in Second Saturday convention if he gets a miraculous healing. Lord have seen our tears and  showed his mercy on us.  Few weeks later the  doctors examined our son one more time and said his eyes are perfectly fine and no need of any treatment or operation . All glory to God.

Joy Joseph,  Rotherham ( Doubted throat cancer  disappeared in BIOPSY TEST )

Our family went  in tears when  doctors doubted throat cancer on my dad. We put our hope in Jesus and prayed for Lord’s intervention. We promised our testimony if  no cancer is detected in the forthcoming BIOPSY test. Our prayers have been answered, there was no symptoms of cancer in the BIPSY TEST. Thanks you Lord.

Rebecca Cyriac , Barnsley  ( Brain surgery  no more needed )

My husband Stephen diagnosed with cyst in his brain and posted for brain surgery. We were heavy hearted and prayed in tears . We promised our testimony in the second Saturday convention if Stephen gets well and requested prayers from sehion team.  God always works in his own way and time . The procedures prior to surgery led to the rupture of the cyst, thus the doctors said no operation is needed.  Stephen is back to normal  now. He is a living testimony of God .

Wilson Abraham , Manchester ( Allegations and charge dropped off)

One my colleagues at work raised a serious false allegation against me  in 2013, which resulted in police arrest  on  false charges of neglect and assault.  I was so worried but relied completely on Jesus.  I felt Jesus speaks that only he could relive me. I promised my testimony if my innocence is proved.  Lord heard our prayer and showed his mercy on us.  A month ago, the crown court dropped off all allegation against me and found me as not guilty. All glory to God

Arun Mathew, Haywards Heath ( Charge and allegation  dropped off)

Due to a false allegation at workplace, I had to face legal case and received suspension from my professional body.  I sought advice from Fr. Cyril Edamana who directed me to second Saturday convention and asked me to pray intensively for lord’s help.  I promised my testimony if  my innocence is  endorsed  . On the final hearing the disciplinary committee dropped all allegations against me and declared my innocence. Praise you Lord Jesus.

Ashly Baby, Oxford  ( IELTS good score )

For the last four years I have been appearing for  IELTS exam for a 7 band score.   Before the 10th sitting I promised my testimony at the second Saturday convention and I got pass with 7 band score. All glory to Jesus.

Jibi Philip, Glasgow ( 10 yers long  Pain on Knee is healed )

I had pain on my knee for the last ten yeras , which made my life very difficult. I have attended the second Saturday convention held In August 2013 . During the healing service led by Fr. Mathew Naickomparampil , Lord  healed me from  my 1o year long suffering . All Glory to God.



Jeffin K James , Haywards Heath ( Intentions granted)

I always wished my sisters marriage happens at the same time as mine. I promised my testimony  and prayed intensively for Lord’s mercy. Good lord blessed our intention, our marriages were at the same time and we both been blessed with loving caring spouse.

Sheeja Shaji, Bristol , ( Driving Test Passed )

I was not getting through the practical driving test. I took two tests but failed. Before my third test, I promised my testimony in the second Saturday convention ,if successful. By God’s grace, I passed on the third time. All glory to God