Testimonies – 05


Jenetmol Mathew, Aberdare, Wales  ( Dry Skin Condition  healed)

Our baby boy’s five months old dry skin condition has completely disappeared after praying at second Saturday bible convention. We promised our testimony if the healing occurs. Lord healed our baby where medicines couldn’t help at all. His skin is perfect now. We praise God ever.

 Amelia Jimmy, Haywards Heath (Prolonged cough spontaneously healed)

Our little girl had very severe, unceasing cough distressing her for six months. Medications couldn’t improve her condition. We completely surrendered her on Lord’s feet. Towards the end of second Saturday convention in October, Fr. Cyril laid hands on her and rebuked the cough in Jesus name. She stopped coughing at the same time, a spontaneous healing, we trust. Our daughter never had any symptoms of coughing since then, she is absolutely well. All praises to Jesus.

Shajan Antony, Cambridge ( Gift of Child after 5 yeras)

Even after 5 years of marriage we had  not been blessed with the gift of a child. A number of miscarriages left us anguished. We cried out for Lord’s divine involvement when we attended Sehion’s Couples retreat and a parish retreat in Cambridge led by Fr. Soji Mathew.  Though these retreats God opened his hands and blessed us with a baby boy.

Saju Jose, Leicester ( Eczema healed- new Skin)

My son was suffering from severe eczema for three years. Medications couldn’t improve his condition at all. We believed that Jesus is the only person able to help him. During the second Saturday convention in Ocober 2013, Fr. Dominic announced that Lord is healing two children with eczema,. All praises to Jesus , one of them was our son. When we reached home, we found that his eczema has completely disappeared, a spontaneous miracle. He was allergic to certain foods, but he is free from any allergies since the day eczema has healed. All Glory to God.

Achamma  John, Wigan ( Prolonged  Breathing Difficulty healed)

I have been suffering from breathing difficulty and coughing for a prolonged period of time.  My GP referred me for further respiratory tests and treatments. While waiting for the appointment, I have attended the second Saturday convention and prayed intensively for God’s healing touch and promised my testimony if healed. Lord touched me on that day. Ever since,  I have no breathing difficulty or coughing.  Lord blessed me too with a job near my home after promising testimony at second Saturday convention.   All Praise to Lord Jesus.

Usha Anoop, Terversham ( Blessed with New home )

We have been trying to buy a house for over two years. Every time the process have been obstructed for one reason or the other. We have prayerfully watched Abhishekagni( Fire anointing) television programme led by Fr. Xavierkhan vattayil on every Sundays and regularly attended second Saturday convention beseeching the mercy of Lord. Our good Lord blessed us with a beautiful new home.

Baby Joseph , Swindon ( Bed bound mum healed and resumed walking )

My mum had a fall in may 2013 which made her bed bound, unable to walk at all as a result of      misdiagnosed pelvic fracture. We regularly attended second Saturday convention and prayed for Lord’s help. During the healing service in July’s convention, Br. Damiyan Stayne who led the service asked everyone to pray for those who are away house and hospital bound. We cried out to Jesus to touch our mum. In two days time, mum regained her health, doctor advised her to resume walking like a normal person.  Thank you Lord.




Cigy Joseph , Manchester ( Passed difficult exam )

Being an overseas student, it was extremely difficult for me to  get on with my study for Masters Degree in Nursing here in the UK. The only way in front was to pray and seek God’s help. Eversince I sought God’s help, I ‘been granted  with the wisdom to get on  with my syllabus without any extra support or tuitions. I promised my testimony at the second Saturday convention if  I pass the Exam. Thanks and praise to Lord Jesus for guiding and helping me to pass the exam.

Ashamol Tom, Stafford( Gained bladder control)

My Son had no bladder control even at the age of seven years. Doctors said it would be the case till he reaches puberty. We promised our testimony at the second Saturday convention and prayed for Lord’s healing touch amidst our worries. Soon after our promise, we found him gained full bladder control. All glory to Lord Jesus.

 Biju Jacob Coventry (Re-gained sound sleep)

I was not getting sound sleep for six months.  Since I promised my testimony at the second Saturday convention,  Lord let me have a peaceful and sound sleep.    Thank you Lord.

Prasad Mathew , London ( Driving Test – Passed )

I have failed three times on my Driving practical test and promised my  testimony at the second Saturday convention if I pass on the fourth test. During the Drriving test, I felt Jesus is beside me taking complete control. Thanks you Jesus for helping me passing the test.

Chris Mary Philip , Heckington, Linconshire ( Visa granted)

Although the present status doesn’t support much, my husband has been granted with a dependant visa when we prayed at second Saturday convention and promised our testimony.

Shyni Adarsh , Cheshire ( New house plot )

We have been longing to buy an house plot for many years, but faced hindrance every time.  When we promised our testimony and prayed at the Second Saturday convention, Lord fulfilled our wish.