Testimonies – 08

Merlyn Mathew, Preston  (Polycystic ovaries & Neck Pain healed)

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. As there is no medical treatment for this condition, doctors could not do anything apart from prescribing symptom reducing tablets, which did not help me at all. My condition made me so worried and distressed day by day. I put all my trust in Lord Jesus and attended the residential inner healing Retreat conducted by Sehion team. During the spiritual sharing, I was told that Lord is healing my condition of polycystic ovaries, and it’s going to be a slow healing and I had to believe and pray.   I believed and received the healing in my deep heart and prayed earnestly. All glory to Jesus. Within few months I am completely healed from polycystic ovaries.

A year ago, I had severe neck and shoulder pain for six months. It got worse and worse and I could not do any work. Pain relief tablets gave me only temporary relief. In November 2014, I prayed to Lord Jesus that, if I get a healing, I will testify it during the second Saturday convention. Within two days, the severe pain and distress which was troubling me for six months stopped miraculously and never appeared again. Praise the Lord

Jessy Jose, Liverpool ( Milk & Milk products allergy of son healed)

My son, 7 years old   Samuel, was allergic to milk and milk products since birth. When we attended the second Saturday convention in February 2015, we promised our testimony if he’s healed from milk allergy. Since then, he is taking all Milk and milk products, not showing any form of allergies. We praise Lord Jesus for healing Samuel.

Smitha Margaret, Birmingham ( Varicose vain – healed)

I have been suffering from severe pain associated with Varicose vain for many years. For the last six months it was very severe. Seeing my suffering, my daughter Magdalena attended the second Saturday convention in October 2014 and prayed for a healing.   Lord Jesus miraculously took away all my pain on the same day itself. I am absolutely free from pain since then. Praise you Jesus.

Priya Jacob , Maidenhead ( Corns healed )

My daughter Hail Jolly had severe condition of Corns (ആണിരോഗം) on her feet for many years. It was very painful, especially when she moved around. We attended the second Saturday convention in June 2014 and Fr. Saju Elanjiyil, laid hands on my daughter and prayed over. Since that day the pain went away so miraculously and the corns started vanishing itself. Within few months she was completely free from Corns. All Glory to God.

Lucy Areekkal, Plymouth Road ( Worn Ligament – healed)

Recently, I have been diagnosed with worn ligament on my knee, which gave me excessive pain and other difficulties. I was referred to the physiotherapist for treatments. But before undertaking any treatments I attended second Saturday convention and prayed for Lord’s healing touch. Br. Jose prayed for healing. Since then I have no knee pain or ligament problems troubling me. All Glory to God.

My eight years desire to get a permanent job in NHS has been granted few months ago after I watched Abhiskekagni Telecast and promised testimony at the second Saturday convention.