Testimonies – 03

Rose Mary Joy ,Birmingham

My mum was having abnormal heavy bleeding for  prolonged time .  Few months ago she was collapsed and hospitalised but the bleeding never stopped. I prayed to Jesus Christ,  trust  in  him that I will give a  testimony  on the second Saturday convention if my mom get healed . During the Adoration on the  second Saturday convention   on Month of April 2014,  Fr. Soji  announced that  the Lord is touching a person admitted in the hospital for heavy bleeding . At the very moment my mum’s bleeding stopped  and she is  perfectly healthy now.   We praise the Lord for this miraculous healing and his love for us.


Rose John ,Cambridge

We been quite desperate for a second child as 13 years gone by since we had our first born. We had an opportunity to attend the 3 days retreat led by the Fr. Soji in Cambridge. On one of the retreat days Fr. Soji visited us and prayed.  During the prayer he said the Lord is giving you a second child. All praise to Lord Jesus, Our 13 years waiting ended, I got conceived on that month itself.


Shaji Mathew  , Cambridge

My son Austin was relentlessly suffering from  Psoriasis for over an year.  He underwent many medication but  his condition not improved at all. We have attended  the 5 days  Charism retreat conducted by Sehion  UK  in Cefn lea Park , Noth wales. During the retreat Fr. Binoy Karimaruthunkal laid hands on my son and prayed over him. We promised our testimony at the second Saturday if he gets healed. All glory and praises to God . On the very next day onwards Austin’s condition started improving and over the months he has been completely healed from Psoriasis without any medications.


Nicy George , Cambridge

My son born with Physiological Jaundice. Doctor said its quite common for new born and will go off by photo therapy . But in our case,  my son’s jaundice subsided  a bit  when he is  on phototherapy and reappeared immediately after the treatment finished.  We were much worried  as the treatment didn’t help at all. We cried out to  Jesus for his healing touch and sought the intercession of Mother Mary. We promised our testimony at the second Saturday convention if my son gets cured.  On the very next day my son’s  jaundice miraculaously started subsiding and  disappeared completely within few days without any therapy. Doctor’s were amazed on this rapid unexplained  change. All praise and honour to Lord Jesus.


Binumon Thomas , Bath

Our daughter Ann Maria has been suffering from Eczema since two weeks she was born.  Medication and treatments never helped to improve her situation. We had an opportunity to attend the Second Saturday convention with baby  Ann  in July 2011 . During the adoration, Fr. Soji announced that the Lord is healing a baby girl from Eczema.  All praise to the ever living Lord Jesus. Ann Maria was miraculously cured, to our amazement even the scars and rashes completely disappeared.


Diana Thomas, Nottingham

My Husband Ninan Thomas had an heart attack in may 2014 and had stents put in. Since then he felt pain and discomfort in his left ar. We regularly attend second Saturday convention.  Last month during the healing prayer  Fr. Pat collins, announced that  Jesus is completely  healing a person who have  had  a major heart block from all his  exertions   and he is getting a new heart from Jesus.  I  believed that its my husband he got a new heart  from Jesus. I promised my testimony if he completely relived from pain on his left arm and if he is able to drive the car which he was not doing for the last 4 months.   Our Lord is great, He is the lord of wonders. My husband is free from all pain now and by God’s grace he started driving the car since then. All glory to God