Testimonies – 07

Betsy Jacob, Bedfordshire

(Physiotherapist secured job after four years by simply obeying God’s promise through Fr. Xavier Khan)

I am a physiotherapist registered in the UK. Since 2010 I have been trying to get a job, attended many interviews, but for one reason or the other, I could not get through. While attending Father Xavier Khan Vattayil led convention four years ago, I heard Father Xavier Khan saying that if you have a need or desire, write it down and keep it in the Bible and keep on praying. These words touched my heart. I wrote down my desire to get a job as heard from father Xavier Khan and kept on praying. Unlike the former interviews, in September 2014, I applied for a job after for years break, got through the interview on the first attempt and secured the job without any difficulties. Praise you Jesus.

Shaji Mathew, Liverpool

(5 Years long, severe & Chronic Allergy healed at Second Saturday Convention)

I have been suffering from severe allergy for five years. I have tried many medications but the situation gotten worse and worse. For the first time, I attended the second Saturday convention in October 2014. During adoration, Fr. Saju Elanjiyil announced that Jesus is touching a person suffering from allergy. Since then, I am completely cured from allergy. Thank you Jesus for healing me from my five years agony. Praise the Lord

Bino Thomas, Manchester

(One year old Eczema healed at Second Saturday Convention)

My child Michel had eczema on her face since birth. At the age of one, while attending the second Saturday convention. During the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Fr Soji Olikkal announced that the Lord is healing 3 children from Eczema. On the very next day we noticed that Michel’s condition of eczema had disappeared. Thank you Jesus.

Emy Elizabeth, Hucknall  

(Nursing registration obstacles lifted off)

I have been refused entry to the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s registration due to unknown reasons and advised to terminate residence in the UK. I requested prayer support from Sehion UK team, promised my testimony at Second Saturday Convention and requested for a reassessment. Lord Jesus intervened miraculously and the Nursing Council reversed their decision and accepted my registration and allocated PIN to practice. Thank you Jesus.

Jaison Jose, Cambridge

(Gift of new home after 3 years)

For the last three years, I have been trying to buy a house in India for my family. All my attempts have failed for one reason or the other. I have attended the second Saturday convention. During the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Fr. Soji announced that Lord Jesus is fulfilling the wish of three people to buy new home. Shortly after the convention, Lord Jesus granted me a new beautiful home. Praise be to God.

Jomol Peter, Sheffield

(Instant healing from Eczema for daughter far at home)

My daughter Tania was suffering from Eczema for over four years. We tried many treatments but none helped out. We attended the Second Saturday Convention led by Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil in December 2014. During the healing prayer Fr Xavier Khan told everyone to put hands on the affected area for healing. Though my daughter was not with me, I brought her in my heart and prayed for healing. When I went back home I found my daughter to be completely healed from eczema. Thank you Jesus.

Kevin Jose, Cardiff

(Admission to University made possible amidst chances of impossibilities)

I was not doing well in my A level and failed twice on the exams. It took me through a lot of depression and sadness. While waiting for the final results and admission to Cardiff University, I promised testimony at the Second Saturday Convention. When I got the results, I did not have the required levels to get into the university, still they offered me a place by the heavenly intervention. Praise to Jesus

Bincy Varghese, UK

(Experienced heavenly love and peace, freed from worries)

I have been undergoing a lot of depression and trauma after being abused by the biological parents and later grew up in foster care. I lost everything from my life that I held close to my heart. I attended the Second Saturday Convention and prayed so deeply for a healing touch by Jesus. During the healing prayers, I felt that all my pain is taken away and tremendous peace and joy dwelled in my heart. It was a big turning point in my life. Ever since, I am so happy and free from any worries. I will live my whole life for Jesus.

Abel Augustine, Glasgow  

(Passed Driving Test amidst difficulties)

There were harsh difficulties in passing my Driving theory test and to find a right driving test centre to appear on the practical test. I came on the July 2013 second Saturday convention, as advised by one of the Sehion Ministry members I claimed Romans 5:5 and prayed on. I had promised my testimony if I passed the test. By God’s grace I have passed both my tests on the next attempt. Thank you Jesus

Tijo Cherian , Dudley

(15 years old suffering from chronic migraine healed at Second Saturday Convention )

For the last fifteen years, I had chronic migraine severely affecting my daily life. During the attack I used to have bad headache and throw out almost all the day. Tried several medication but none helped out. I attended Fr. Xavier Khan led second Saturday convention in December 2014 and prayed sincerely. During the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Fr. Xavier announced that, Lord Jesus is healing few people from Migraine. Since then I have not felt any attack of headache or migraine. Thank you Jesus.

Johny Mathew , Pontypool

(Sickness and bad stomach cured at Cardiff Night vigil by Sehion team)

My 20 month old child Asher had severe condition of bad stomach and sickness. Doctors said they can’t find any reason and advised us to give fluid for three weeks to get some relief. Within few days we attended the Cardiff night Vigil led by Fr. Soji Olikkal and prayed for God’s healing. On the next day morning we found that our child is absolutely normal and very active, a sudden stop to her troubling condition. Praise be to God

Joseph Joseph , Luton  

( Visa problems solved )

One year long waiting for visa has been successfully ended when my mum attended Sehion Convention and prayed. Thank you Lord

Jose Antony, Bolton

(One year old accident claim settled soon after promising Testimony)

For the last 12 months I have been waiting to get my accident claim settled. I have rejected all suggestions to make false claims and decided to take the right path. During the Second Saturday convention in December 2014, I sought God’s powerful intervention and promised my testimony. Within a week time, Insurers called me even before I contacted them, settled my claim without any hassle or stress. All Glory to Lord Jesus.

Bipin P Nair, Hampshire

(Secured Decision letter from Nursing Council soon after watching Abhishekagni)

My waiting for decision letter to begin the Adaptation programme leading to Nursing reached up to 18 months. I was so worried about the long delay. As directed by few of my friends, I watched the “Abhishekagni” telecast by Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil and prayed along with him. Within a week I got my decision letter so miraculously. Thank you Lord.

Sindhu Philips, Gloucester

(Healthy child is born amidst doctor’s advice to abort. Promised testimony at second at Convention)

I have conceived while I was on doctor’s advice that I should not conceive due to the medications I was on at that period of time. Doctors advised me that both the life of mum and child are at risk if I carried on with pregnancy and strongly advised me to terminate the new life. Believing in God, we rejected that opinion, promised our testimony at Second Saturday Convention and decided to carry on. In August 2014, Lord Jesus blessed us with a beautiful baby girl. Both myself and baby are healthy. Praise God.

Annie Thankachan, Blackpool

(Got back lost job)

I lost my job four months ago followed by a decision taken by the NHS Trust. I have promised Lord that I will testify at the second Saturday convention if I get my job back. Lord Jesus answered the prayer soon. A number of people came forward to assist me in the hearing sessions held by the Nursing Council. Lord intervened powerfully and I got back the same job. Thank you Jesus.

Ambily, Manchester

(Heavenly help and comfort after praying at Second Saturday convention)

I lost my husband two years ago and I was in the middle of nothing. Having lived as a fulltime mother, my knowledge to the official world outside was very limited. The house we lived in was about to be recovered by the bank. There were a lot of matters in and around to sort out and there was no one to help. I attended the Second Saturday Convention and cried out to lord to show me a way. I promised my testimony as well. Lord Jesus stretched out his arms towards us so quickly. I didn’t lose the house, got it changed in my name soon, he helps me with everything with great paternal love and care. Praise the Lord.

Daisy Thomas, Derbyshire

(Brother’s dilemma in Saudi Customs resolved by promising Testimony)

My brother working as the commercial manager in Saudi Arabia, was wrongly accused of signing off a consignment to Dubai port, which the customs seized in suspicion and held for one and half months. The consignment was of very big fiscal value and my brother being the responsible manager, was in real distress and trouble. I requested prayer from Fr Soji Olickal and promised my testimony. Lord Jesus acted at once on our dilemma. Soon after the prayers were offered, the customs decided to clear off the cargo consignment, hence freed my brother from his very distress situation. All Glory to Jesus Christ.

Antony Thomas, London

(Secured good work placement after attending SOE retreat)

I was struggling to get work placement for many months, although I applied in a number of companies. I went to driving test four times but failed. I decided to attend the School of Evangelization retreat led by Sehion in June 2014 and prayed for Lord’s help. Soon after, Lord blessed me with a good placement and helped me to pass the driving test. Praise God.

Dayana Joseph, Coventry

(Brother’s unusual growth on body has disappeared)

My brother had an unusual growth on his body which was not healing at all with medicines. I prayed for him at the Second Saturday convention while Fr. Soji Olikkal asked everyone to pray for healing. Within two weeks the growth disappeared completely. Thank you Jesus.