Testimonies – 06

Ruban Jacob John, Lancashire

While working as a Bus driver in UK, my bus had accidently hit a pedestrian and she was in coma for many days with fewer chance to survive. I lost my job and was in the verge of criminal case. I have attended second Saturday convention, prayed intensively for the recovery of the hospitalized. I have promised my testimony if the hit person survives. Thank God, she recovered her life miraculously and cases against me ended up with ease and I got back my job.

Tinkle Royce , Stevanage

My dad fell seriously ill while visiting us in the UK. He was on ventilator for more than a week . While the doctors said they have no more treatments, we rang up the intercession team in Sehion Kerala, requested their prayers. We have seen a very fast recovery since that day and for the last 1.5 years dad is healthy and doing very well.

Lincy Saji , Newcastle

My little boy had delay to make his first steps. We have attended second Saturday convention and prayed on this intention and promised our testimony. God acted immediately. He made his first steps while getting out of the convention centre.

Seena Scaria, Hantshire

My sister Shilpa was childless for 5 years. I have attended The Sehion Mega convention in Manchester. Prayed along with Father Xavier, especially at the time he prayed for childless couples. Within few months she was conceived.

Nisha Joby , Norfolk

We were childless for 4 years. We have watched Abhishekagni television programme by Fr. Xavierkhan and prayed along . We have attended the Mega convention in Nottingham, promised our testimony if we are blessed with a child. On the next month itself I had conceived

Asha Davis, KingsLynn

Had problems in study and failed on certain subjects, making it difficult to choose the desired career path. Watched Abhishekagni television programme by Fr, Xavierkhan and prayed for Lord’s intervention. God answered my prayer so quick and let me succeed in my study and ambition

Joby Thomas , Basingstoke

I have been trying for a career change for the last seven years but not succeeded. God granted me a new job after attending   and praying at the second Saturday convention

Cijo Joy, Hertfordshire

Not getting a job for 9 months and given notice to leave within a month. Attended and prayed at Manchester convention and on the very next day I have been called for interview and secured a good job

Sophia , South Harrow, London

Over one year long hindrance in extending the student visa has been resolved by watching Abhishekagni Telecast by Fr. Xavierkhan

Pryamil Steby, Kledgwood

My daughter had a condition of severe sore & itchy feet for three years. Tried various treatments but none helped. We trust in Jesus, watched Abhishekagni telecast by Fr. Xavierkhan and promised our testimony. Lord Jesus completely healed our daughter soon after and she is doing well now

Maria Joseph, Kent

My brother was in search of a suitable job in Bangalore, India for two years. I promised my testimony at the second Saturday convention if he gets a job. Within two weeks, Lord Jesus opened new doors for him and obtained a good placement

Girish Chacko, Nuneaton

For many years we had various stumbling blocks in buying a new home. Fr. Soji Olickal prayed over this intention and Lord Jesus blessed us with a New home within two months and arranged all required resources, on time ,very wonderfully .

Preethi Joji, Sutton Coldfield

My husband had a kind of skin disease troubling him for long time. We had attended the healing service by Damian Stayne in one of the second Saturday conventions and prayed for God’s healing touch. The skin condition disappeared on the very next day.

Jimmy Joseph, Canterbury

My sister Maya , (currently living in USA ) was childless for six years. While living in UK, she had attended the Mega Convention at Manchester led by Fr. Xavierkhan and prayed for Lord’s mercy & healing. Fr. Xavier announced that Lord is touching few childless couples. One of them was my sister. She wass conceived within few months.

Bindu Roy, Reading

One year ago my niece had a critical cardiac condition and hospitalized. As her condition was not improving we have decided to watch Abhishekagni Telecast by Fr. Xavierkhan and prayed along with him for Lords Healing touch. I promised my testimony as well. By surprising the medical team, my niece made a very quick recovery and she is doing very well now.

Akila Varghese , Fareham

Difficulties in getting into the Nursing Council registration has been miraculously resolved by prayerfully watching the Abhishekagni Telecast by Fr. Xavierkhan

Shiny Jijo, Sterling , Scotland

Followed by an incident at work place I lost my job and the party involved had filed a case against me in the registration council. It was an appalling period in my life. By attending and praying at the Manchester Mega Convention 2013 & Belfast Convention, both led by Fr. Xavierkhan , Lord lifted the heavy yoke from me. The case has been closed without any problems and I been placed into a better job.

Philomina Joseph, Liverpool

During a dental extraction procedure, one of my nerves have been damaged and it caused enormous pain and difficulties for many days. Further operation and medication made me no better at all. I have   watched Abhishekagni telecast by Fr. Xavierkhan on the first Friday in July and prayed along with him. My pain had miraculously gone away on the same night itself.

Alvin Tom, Sheffield

We were childless for three and half years. We have prayerfully attended Sheffield convention led by Fr. Soji Mathew. Lord blessed us. My wife is carrying now. I been longing for a new job for long time. Lord blessed me with a new job as well.

Blessymol Babu, Haywards Heath

I was not getting university admission since 2012. On one of the second Saturday conventions, Fr. Soji announced that Lord is lifting off the admission difficulties of a student. Thank God. Within few months, I have been admitted in one of the best ranked universities in UK.

Manju Devassy, Kettering

My niece had a car accident and was in critical condition. We have requested urgent prayer support from Sehion, Kerala . Since then, her condition has been miraculously improved beyond human imagination and recovered soon.

Biju & Usha , Ilford

By prayerfully watching Abhishekagni telecast by Fr. Xavierkhan Vattayil, our long term problems in buying a property have been resolved, children have got success in exams and our workplace issues have been rectified.

Rincy Josemon, Luton

We were Child less for six years and I had thyroid function troubles as well. By promising testimony at the second Saturday convention Lord blessed us with a child and taken away my thyroid problems.