• "Eczema healed — Felix Jerrin , Dorset Cured from 9 years of severe Eczema during the Adoration of Blessed Sacrament at the Second Saturday Convention. Even the scars of Eczema miraculously disappeared overnight. Praise you Jesus. Allergy healed –Gigi Sheby, Northampton Allergy on face has been completely healed through a telephone prayer Ministry by Sehion […] "
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  • "Ear condition healed –Sibu and Soly Thomas, Kings Heath Birmingham Our daughter Annley, who is 12, had a long-term condition called “Glue Ear” since early childhood. Although her right ear had been cured with treatment, her left ear had got worse and over time a hole developed. This affected her hearing and increased the possibility […] "
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  • "Cancer Healed ( Ms. Shaiji Sheron, Esher, Surrey) I had been diagnosed with stage three cancer. Doctors advised Chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. Before going for these treatments, I had an opportunity to attend the “Thunder of God ” Bible convention led by Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil and Fr. Soji Olilkkal in Haywards Heath and […] "
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  • "Merlyn Mathew, Preston  (Polycystic ovaries & Neck Pain healed) Two years ago, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. As there is no medical treatment for this condition, doctors could not do anything apart from prescribing symptom reducing tablets, which did not help me at all. My condition made me so worried and distressed day by […] "
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  • "Betsy Jacob, Bedfordshire (Physiotherapist secured job after four years by simply obeying God’s promise through Fr. Xavier Khan) I am a physiotherapist registered in the UK. Since 2010 I have been trying to get a job, attended many interviews, but for one reason or the other, I could not get through. While attending Father Xavier […] "
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  • "Ruban Jacob John, Lancashire While working as a Bus driver in UK, my bus had accidently hit a pedestrian and she was in coma for many days with fewer chance to survive. I lost my job and was in the verge of criminal case. I have attended second Saturday convention, prayed intensively for the recovery […] "
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  • "  Jenetmol Mathew, Aberdare, Wales  ( Dry Skin Condition  healed) Our baby boy’s five months old dry skin condition has completely disappeared after praying at second Saturday bible convention. We promised our testimony if the healing occurs. Lord healed our baby where medicines couldn’t help at all. His skin is perfect now. We praise God […] "
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  • "  Shaly Joseph , Liverpool ( Son’s new born cataract healed without Operation ) Praise the Lord.  Doctors said our 8 week old son had no signs  of Red refluxes on his right eye  and possibility of new born cataract and suggested  operation as the only option.  We were so worried about our little child […] "
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  • "Rose Mary Joy ,Birmingham My mum was having abnormal heavy bleeding for  prolonged time .  Few months ago she was collapsed and hospitalised but the bleeding never stopped. I prayed to Jesus Christ,  trust  in  him that I will give a  testimony  on the second Saturday convention if my mom get healed . During the […] "
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  • "Video testimonies from Second Saturday of February 2014. Click link below to view video testimonies. "
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  • "Video testimonies from Second Saturday of April 2014. Click link below to view video testimonies. "
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