Sehion Ministries is a registered Charity in the UK. The Charity’s principal objective is the advancement of the Catholic Faith and Christian beliefs for the benefit of the public in accordance with the statements of beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.

Rev. Fr. Soji Olikkal, who was the Assistant Director of Sehion Retreat Centre, India came to the UK in 2008 as the Assistant Chaplain to the Syro Malabar Catholics along with Rev. Fr. Sebastian Arikkatt, who was the Priest in charge of Blessed Robert Grissold Church, Balsall Common. Retreats, led by Fr. Soji Olikkal along with other evangelists, started off in Blessed Robert Grissold Church with only around 40 to 50 people.  As the number of  people started to attend the retreat, it started to be held on every Second Saturday of the month. Due to the number increasing, the venue was changed to St. Catherine’s Church, Birmingham with a capacity of 1000. The retreat had to be moved to Bethel Convention centre due to the high number of people attending the retreats. Along with all the conventions, Children’s ministry is also an important part of Sehion Ministries. More than 1000 children attend the Second Saturday convention.Various other ministries are also conducted as part of Sehion Ministies, such as: Street Ministry, Sehion Youth, Healing Services in English, Annual retreats, various One Day Conventions and many more.

Now there are about sixteen different Ministries under Sehion Ministries. Perceptual Adoration Centre for Sehion Ministries is situated in Sacred Heart Catholic Chuch, Asoton. The Ministry in UK and abroad is also helped by Fr. Shyju Chacko Naduvathaniyil, Assistant Director, Sehion Ministries. Prayer is the most important element of all our ministries.

Sehion Ministries is a Catholic Charity Registered in England. Registered Charity Number: 1153546

Our Patrons: 

His Grace Archbishop Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham, His Excellency Mar Joseph Srampickal, Syro Malabar Bishop of Great Britain & His Excellency Bishop Yoohanon Mar Theodosius Kochuthundil, Apostolic Visitor for the Syrian-Malankara, Europe and Oceania. 

Trustee board of Sehion Ministries

Dr Seby Sebastian (Chair), Rev. David Palmer,  Fr Soji Olikkal Mathew, Mr.Jaison John, Mr. Anish Thomas, Mr.Paul Sebastian, Ms.Jeanette Bunga, Mr.Julien Bunga Matondo N, Ms.Matilda Makombe, Ms.Barbara Jean Mary Labrosse, Mr. Joseph Abraham, Fr.  Shyju Chacko

Our Spiritual Directors

Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil

Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil is a priest from the Diocese of Palghat, India.  He is the Founder and Director of  Sehion Ministries, India for World Evangelization. A gifted preacher, Fr....

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Fr. Soji Olikkal

Fr. Soji Olikkal is a priest from the Diocese of Palghat, India. He is the Founder and Director of Sehion UK Ministries in the United Kingdom. He is a powerful...

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Fr. Shyju Naduvathaniyil

Fr. Shyju Chacko Naduvathaniyil is a priest from the Diocese of Palghat, India. He is working in the Diocese of Northampton and serves the Sehion Ministries as its Assistant Director.

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